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iPhone models with Non-LCD damage have a lower rate of repair, due to KITS not having to send back a broken LCD for our recycle program have a profit loss. iPhone screens that have heavy pieces falling from the face, lines running through the screen, No signs of life displayed from the screen or yellow discoloration have a bad LCD panel. If the device upon inspection has a bad LCD and this option was choosen, the customer will be charged the difference from the repair, remember to please select your model and call for appointment setup. If there is a different type of repair service not listed you have questions about Please call 813-689-5028 for a free quote today. Prices are subject to change

iPhone Screen Repair Non-LCD Damage

SKU: 4
$50.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
  • You agree to allow Keep IT Simple Computer Services, LLC to perform the iPhone Screen Repair Non-LCD Damage Service on your mobile phone. Keep IT Simple Computer Services, LLC will only perform and provide services, repairs and upgrades as requested by the customer.  Keep IT Simple Computer Services, LLC will not be responsible for data loss nor will Keep IT Simple Computer Services, LLC be responsible for restoring lost data. By ordering this service you agree to the above disclaimer.

  • All iPhones come with a standard 30 day warranty outside of physical damage. Under no circumstance will KITS refund or perform a warranty on a damaged device whatsoever. There are no exceptions to this rule. You may purchase an extended warranty for $29.99 which will extend the part warranty to 90 days.

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